A priest friend once told us that in religious life there is no vacation – only a change of occupation! How true it is! Come June, the school doors close and the doors of our Morning Star Summer Camps open! Once again, we had a full schedule of four weeks, with a turnover of about 100 campers each week.

The Morning Star Camps opened with our Leadership program for teenage girls 14-18. The weather was cooler than “summer camp” expectations, but along with a great group of campers, the activities, leadership presentations, guest speakers, and various events, all added in to make a truly memorable week! The most challenging part of the week was transporting our 21 out-of-state campers to and from the airport! Thankfully, our IHM marching band bus answered the call.

The second week of camps was the regular Morning Star program hosting 100 girls ages 10-14 in the bright pink camp t-shirts of the year! It was a colorful week with a fun and fun-loving group that enjoyed the 41-year-old program that never grows old! A highlight of the week was the day every fisher in our little fishing boat caught a good size fish! There were plenty of bass for Sister to filet that evening!

After a week’s reprieve back at the monastery while the Montfort Boys’ Camp took place, we were ready to start our second session! Morning Star Teen Week was a full house once again, and an enjoyable experience for all! It is the perfect bridge program between our regular camp programs and our leadership program. There were so many talented young ladies! Campfires were spirited, to say the least – those living on the other side of the lake attested to that!

The final week was another week of regular Morning Star with more girls trekking into the camp from all over the country! Six short days of Mass, prayer, religious instruction, music, arts & crafts, sailing, swimming, etc., left everyone wanting more! Soon it was time to pack up and leave the little cabin homes until next year! But there were plenty of memories made to hold everyone over until MSC 2023!

Morning Star Leadership Camp 2022.
The first week of Morning Star Camp for Catholic Girls 2022.
Morning Star Teen Week 2022.
The second week of Morning Star Camp for Catholic Girls 2022.

Special thanks to all who helped and supported our Morning Star Camps this year! Thanks to you, and the help of our 45 counselors – MSC was shining once again! May Our Lady bless and guide you all! Follow Mary, the Morning Star!