Our Work

All for Jesus through Mary

Active Apostolates

Our religious life is united and strengthened with a robust prayer life centered around the writings of Saint Louis de Montfort. Each day begins and ends in prayer with an awareness of uniting all our actions with Jesus through Mary. In our missionary apostolates and work with children, we try to spread the radiant light of Christ as a beacons of hope in a dark and materialistic world. Each of our apostolates have only one ultimate goal: to bring souls to Jesus through Mary.

Daily study of Scripture, the writings of the Saints and sound catechesis enable the Sisters to be dynamic apologists. This is essential whether they are researching for our publications, teaching in the school and camp or distributing the works of the Order at seminars or in a street ministry where they bring the Faith to the marketplace.

The unique calling to live the Total Consecration in community goes beyond the  traditional three vows. According the formula of consecration by Saint Louis de Montfort, we even give the value of our spiritual merits to Our Lady for her to distribute to whom she wills. It is a total giving, in exchange for the title,”Slave of the Immaculate Heart.” It is all for Jesus through Mary!

The Sisters presently…

•  Administrate and teach at IHM elementary school

• Teach at IHM high school

• Research and write articles for “From the Housetops”

• Typeset and graphic design all publications

• Distribute “From the Housetops” magazine

• Operate and direct “Morning Star Camp for Catholic Girls” programs at Montfort Retreat and out of state sites.

• Operate Saint Clare’s Altar Bread baking

• Design and sew at “Te Deum” embroidery workshop

• Maintain the Order’s websites

• Work at our Gift Shop (conferences and conventions)

• Sacristans for IHM and Gate of Heaven chapels

• Domestic work, cooking, canning, and sewing, etc.

• Tend the garden and chickens

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Ora & Labora

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