Morning Star Camps

for Catholic Girls

Love the experience
…live the spirit

In the summer of 2021 we celebrate forty happy years of Morning Star Camp. The first camp was held on the Monastery grounds as a small one-week event with tents borrowed from the army. Slowly it grew and moved between three different rental facilities throughout the years. Because of its popularity another week was added on. Seventeen years ago we finally purchased and developed our own facility and now host four weeks of girls’ camp. In the last few years we have added on two out-of-state camps, carrying the spirit of Morning Star across the country!   All for Jesus through Mary! 

First Morning Star Camp
Morning Star Camp directed by the Sisters MICM

Follow Mary

The Sisters MICM direct four weeks of Morning Star each summer at our Montfort facility. Each season opens with Morning Star Leadership Camp for young ladies who are serious about their Faith, keeping it,  and learning to sharing with others. Morning Star Teen Week is a week of wholesome Catholic fun and formation focused exclusively on teens. The following two weeks of Morning Star Summer Camp for younger girls, is the perfect balance of Faith, fun and friends!

Campers rosary and Benediction
Campers fishing boat
Campers fishing boat
Campers craft
Morning Star Catechism
Camper cabins
Campfire Sing a long

Light in a Dark World

Simplicity is the secret to Morning Star Camp where all fun and activity is centered around our motto: To Jesus through Mary!

Electronic devices are contraband so that campers can relish the natural beauty of God’s creation and make friends in real world. The camp is named after Our Blessed Mother, the Star that guides campers to her Son, Jesus Christ.

Every day includes activities of catechism, arts and crafts, sports, music and more, giving campers a chance to meet others who share their Catholic Faith and values!

Come join us in a revolutionary adventure. Defy all the pressures of the world and find yourself, find your Faith, and learn to love Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ.

Campers process to Chapel.

The camp video below is set to the camp theme song, which was written by the Sisters MICM and is now sung by happy campers across the country!